Published on June 7, 2023

Routine battery maintenance and testing are essential if you rely on electrical machinery and equipment to run your operations.

Explore the various types of battery testing that can help you improve energy levels, minimize costly failures and extend the life of your batteries.

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Methods for Battery Testing

Batteries are responsible for powering mission-critical equipment. Battery testing services can help you maintain equipment performance and keep your machinery in its best condition.

Here are some common ways to test batteries:

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is a type of UPS battery testing. This test helps you evaluate your UPS under specific load conditions to see if it meets specifications for optimal performance. The test reveals the battery status and if a replacement is necessary.

Low Resistance Testing

Low resistance testing determines the rate at which electrical energy converts to heat and whether the resistance impacts the battery’s performance.

This is one of the most valuable battery test methods because it allows you to identify energy loss within the electrical device so you can address efficiency improvements as needed.

Charger Float and Equalizing Voltage Testing

Since batteries slowly discharge throughout their working life, it is important to test the float voltage.

Charger float and equalizing voltage testing can help you see how well each battery cell accepts power. Applying an equalizing charge can improve weak battery cells by increasing the voltage. This testing helps keep batteries holding their charge for longer.

Battery String Testing

Battery string testing involves connecting your battery to a series of banks to identify the optimal voltage for electrical usage.

The tests are based on specific industry standards and can help you ensure your systems are in the best operating condition and running efficiently.

Visual and Mechanical Inspections

In addition to various types of battery testing, it is essential to perform visual and mechanical inspections. A closer look at your battery can help identify potential signs of wear.

The inspection should also evaluate your mechanisms and their performance to ensure they run correctly.

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