Published on January 14, 2022

At Power Products & Solutions, we are a NETA-accredited electrical testing and commissioning company. We specialize in performing expert electrical power systems testing and offering maintenance solutions delivered on time and within budget.

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Your Full-Service Electrical Testing and Commissioning Company

We provide service nationwide, and we have more than 30 years of experience serving businesses of all sizes in multiple sectors. Our electrical power systems testing services are designed to help you get the most from your equipment. We provide:


  • Acceptance testing and preventative maintenance: Our acceptance testing and preventative maintenance solutions ensure optimal system performance. Acceptance testing checks new systems for proper installation and output before initial startup to minimize risk. Our maintenance services will keep your system in peak condition through professional cleaning services, inspections and ongoing tests.
  • Battery testing: Battery testing will help you avoid unexpected disruptions and extend your battery service life. We’ll check your battery condition and perform electrical power systems testing on your battery strings, USP load banks and individual cells, adjusting your connections and fluid levels as necessary for maximum performance.
  • Cable testing: Our cable testing services are a safe way to test for issues with power cables. With cable testing, you can track cable life and perform preventative maintenance to avoid downtime caused by equipment failures. Our technicians are NETA-certified, and we use calibrated equipment for accurate readings.
  • Coordination and arc flash studies: Coordination and arc flash studies are essential for electrical power systems testing, and they’re used to analyze the arc flash hazards produced by a specific piece of equipment. We’ll use this data to make necessary adjustments and prevent overcurrent in your system.
  • Electrical grounding and bonding: Our electrical grounding and bonding services will help protect your operation from spikes and surges in voltage. We’ll inspect your grounds and bonding system for quality and performance, helping to protect your people and equipment from hazardous conditions.
  • Infrared scanning: Infrared scanning is a no-contact electrical power systems testing method used to detect abnormal heat signatures. When electrical components deteriorate, they produce higher-than-normal levels of heat. Using infrared scanning, we can identify at-risk components before they fail.
  • Protective relay testing: Protective relay testing will check your protective systems to make sure they’re ready to perform. This comprehensive assessment follows NETA procedures, testing for relay function under normal operating conditions and during simulated faults.
  • Switchgear, switchboard and panelboard testing: We are one of the most established electrical testing companies in the industry, and our services will include complete switchgear, switchboard and panelboard testing customized to your facility. Our expert technicians check connections, inspect for moisture, verify insulation condition, perform multiple electrical tests and much more.
  • Transformer testing and fluid analysis: Our expert maintenance services for transformers are designed to help you get the most from your equipment. In addition to professional fluid analysis, we perform a range of transformer electrical power testing services to measure and track performance.
  • Additional testing services: We provide a range of electrical power testing services to detect system problems early on. Our additional services include expert load bank testing, meter calibration, transfer switch testing, power factor testing and motor testing.


Create a Scheduled Maintenance Plan

If you would like to perform initial testing or create an ongoing maintenance plan, we can help. Send us a message or call 704-573-0420 to speak with our team about the services we offer.

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