Published on October 27, 2022

Why Use a NETA Certified Testing Agency?

Why Use a NETA-Certified Testing Agency?

Finding the right testing agency for your operational requirements can be challenging. You want to ensure your service provider has the expertise to address your needs and comply with any applicable regulations. If you’re wondering whether a NETA certified testing agency is worthwhile, it’s vital to understand what the certification means and how it can benefit you.

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What Is a NETA Certified Company?

A NETA certified company meets the stipulations of the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA). This certification is the global standard for electrical power system testing, establishing key regulations for industrial applications. An agency that earns this designation has met stringent safety and quality assurance requirements for independent testing solutions.

Because the NETA requirements are so rigorous, receiving certification is a significant recognition of a company’s safety and reliability in electrical testing.

What Does Being NETA Certified Mean?

The NETA service standard recognizes companies that have consistently maintained the highest quality testing requirements. It offers a record of reliability that you can leverage as a valuable asset to your business.

To receive NETA certification, a company must meet several key requirements:

  • The agency must be a well-established electrical testing company offering full-service testing and maintenance.
  • All NETA technicians must fully meet education and professional experience stipulations.
  • All testing must follow NETA specifications and be performed with traceable, calibrated instruments.
  • A Registered Professional Engineer must review all engineering reports.

Benefits of Hiring a NETA Certified Testing Agency

If you’re wondering whether hiring a NETA certified agency is worthwhile, consider some key advantages it can offer:

  • Reliability: When you choose a NETA accredited agency, you can be confident in the reliability of their testing procedures and results.
  • Objectivity: By meeting the stringent regulations of NETA testing, certified agencies can ensure objective assessments of your electrical equipment. This type of in-depth evaluation helps identify potential issues and maximize your operational safety.
  • Safety: With trusted quality assurance and testing, you can protect your workers on the job site and ensure your work environment is as safe as possible.

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At Power Products & Solutions, we’re proud to maintain NETA certification that demonstrates our commitment to safety and quality. You can trust us for high-performance solutions that work within your unique requirements and help keep everyone on your team safe. We also deliver exceptional client support to give you the best possible value for our services.

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